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Testicles/Penis Books

The Testicular Cancer Awareness Week ( library lists pertinent books on testicles and testicular cancer. Many of the books are either out-of-print or are too technical and too expensive (from $74 to $160. They are obviously intense medical documents for the urologic oncologist and not for personal consumption. They have some interesting information on epidemiological, diagnostic, and therapeutic management to facilitate optimal treatment of testicular or penile cancers. They address testicular cancer, including the pathology of germ-cell cancers of the testes; diagnostic approaches and surgical management of testicular cancer; fertility and sexual function in testicular cancer management; and future directions in testicular cancer. See also Resources.

Penile Disorders : International Symposium on Penile Disorders, Hamburg, Germany, January 26-27, 1996 by International Symposium on Penile Disorders. This comprehensive overview of the diagnosis and therapy of the whole range of penile disorders contains contributions by renowned experts in this field. The main topics covered include surgical procedures to treat hypospadias/epispadias, congenital and acquired penil deviations, penile fractures, penile cancer, and erectile dysfunction, as well as procedures for penile lengthening and girth enhancement. The volume also deals with new pathophysiologic concepts of priapism and erectile dysfunction and discusses the latest conservative treatment methods such as oral drug therapy, intraurethral therapy, or intracavernous injection therapy using vasoactive drugs and vacuum devices. Each topic is treated extensively and with numerous illustrations, making the subject matter easily comprehensible to the reader. Springer Verlag, (Paperback) 1997 ISBN: 3540616748 $70.00 Buy This Book!

Testicular Cancer : Proceedings (Progress in Clinical and Biological Research, Vol 203) by International Symposium on Testicular Cancer Tumors Out of Print

Testicular tumors Out of Print

Ansari, Faiz, Plastic Surgery - Penis Enhancement Surgery - A Self Help Guide for Men. - A Self Help Guide is written in laymans terms with the intention of educating the public about this new form of surgery. It is currently the only book in the world for this subject and has sold in over 10 countries so far. A Key participant is Dr. Gary Rheinschild, of California, who is one of the most talented surgeons for this procedure in North America. This surgery is now performed in the following countries and continues to grow in popularity: Australia, Africa, Canada, England, Germany, Israel, India, Sweden, United States, Mexico, Spain, Argentenia, and Denmark This book contains extremely valuable tips on how to select the right surgeon. There are many chapters written by surgeons, and we've tried to include previous patients advice as well as published articles that we have reprinted, for the purpose of showing the reader how dangerous it is for any man to walk into a surgeons office, without any clue of what kind of questions to ask. Remember, you only have one penis so educate yourself before you enter any surgeons office. Faiz Ansari; 1998 ISBN: 0968368808 Buy This Book!

Cohen, Joseph, The Penis Book. Think you know everything about penises? When I told my mother that I was writing a book about penises, she replied: "Why would anyone want to write about peanuts?" Now that the book is finished, autographed and FedEx'd to Mom, it should be clear that Jimmy Carter and I have very little in common. This book celebrates the male member like nothing else before. So -- whether you're male, female, straight or gay -- get ready to learn, laugh and be downright titillated. Bet you don't know what hospitals do with foreskins once they've been snipped away. How fortunes were made in the war against wet dreams. The one song you should never whistle at a urinal. Or what life's really like working on a "hopping penis" assembly line. The book has the answers to all of these questions and many more. From ancient Japanese fertility rituals to the lowdown on how smoking can trigger impotency, this book is always fascinating. It's terrific looking, too. With its remarkable photos, drawings and slick art direction, It is an incredible gift-giving book. I still don't know how the publisher can offer a hardcover book like this for under ten dollars...and that's before Amazon's discount! Do you have a penis? Want one? Love them? Hate them? Whatever you check off, this book has something for you. Konemann; 1999, ISBN: 3829021860 Buy This Book!

Danielou, Alain, The Phallus : Sacred Symbol of Male Creative Power Beginning with an overview of the symbolism of creative forces in general, The Phallus first examines the representation of male fertility in such forms as the menhirs or standing stones of prehistoric Europe; the Mahalinga and Svayambhu of India; and the ancient Greek Omphalos. The second part of the book surveys the presence of ithyphallic gods in archaic shamanistic religions (the Lord of the Animals), the Greek pantheon (Hermes, Priapus), and the Hindu deities (Ardhanarishvara, the androgyne). Danielou also explores the role of Shaivist and Dionysian initiatory rites in bringing men into communion with the creative forces of life. Illustrated throughout with photographs and line drawings of European and Indian art, The Phallus celebrates the expression of the masculine in the religious traditions of East and West. Phallic imagery, in one form or another, may be found in the artistic traditions of virtually every world culture since prehistoric times. Alain Danielou here unveils the religious impulse underlying art that at first glance seems to have no purpose beyond the erotic. Inner Traditions Intl Ltd; 1995 ISBN: 0892815566 (Paperback) Buy This Book!

Einhorn, Testicular Tumors Management and Treatment. Out of Print

Ernstoff, Marc S., (Ed), Testicular and Penile Cancer. A practical guide for the urologic oncologist providing details on epidemiological, diagnostic, and therapeutic management to facilitate optimal treatment of testicular or penile cancers. The volume's 13 chapters include eleven addressing testicular cancer, including the pathology of germ-cell cancers of the testes; diagnostic approaches to testicular cancer; surgical management of testicular cancer; fertility and sexual function in testicular cancer management; future directions in testicular cancer; and other topics. The final two chapters address diagnostic evaluation and surgical therapy and radiation therapy for penile cancer. (Hardcover) Blackwell Science Inc, 1998 ISBN: 0632043199 $95.00 Buy This Book!

Flannery, Tim F., Throwim Way Leg : Tree-Kangaroos, Possums, and Penis Gourds-On the Track of Unknown Mammals in Wildest New Guinea. In this book, Australia-based mammologist-raconteur Tim Flannery recalls scientific expeditions in the wilds of New Guinea that convey both the thrill of discovery and the negotiations necessary to bridge huge clashes of cultures. A world expert on New Guinea's fauna, Flannery has discovered 20 new species during his two decades of research. Yet his ability to convey unalloyed adventure in his taletelling makes these scientific expeditions read more like hair-raising, funky Redmond O'Hanlon-style travels than disciplined, scholarly field trips. Energy and danger run high.Terrific thunderstorms and aircraft mishaps rattle Flannery during his travels. Yet the most memorable quality of Throwim Way Leg is Flannery's incorporation of humans into the natural world he writes about, often contrasting the jungled New Guinea denizens with stark modern technologies. He writes rich profiles of those he has met, and his images are memorable and meaningful: crowds of people gaping at a single television set; the remote landscape of Mt. Albert Edward dotted with cattle, Swiss chalets, and the smoky fires of the Goilala people; the malnourished Yapsiei greeting him reeking of the "sweet, sickly smell" of grile, a form of ringworm. Ultimately, Flannery looks ahead and sees that the age of discovery is not at all complete in New Guinea, as so much remains unknown. But, in an often-told tale, modern political forces are at work, reshaping those unique natural and cultural environments that Throwim Way Leg explores with such vigor. Atlantic Monthly Pr; 1998 (Hardcover) ISBN: 0871137313 Buy This Book!

Giles, Fiona, ed., Dick for a Day: What Would You Do if You Had One?. While not really a book directed to men, versus at men, this review offers a look into the thoughts of a small group of women writers - feminists, scholars, performers and artists. Left with this outrageous question to celebrated women, the results are serious, humorous and downright strange. What's most exciting is that every man will be able to ponder his own response - and discover the basis for arguments, fantasies and gender benders of the most provocative kind. "Breasts for a Day" just doesn't have the same ring to it, somehow. Villard 1997 ISBN 0-679-77353-3 Buy This Book!

Gore, Margaret, The Penis Book : An Owner's Manual. You would think that the mythology of male sexuality is a thing of the past, that most men know that from time to time their penises won't achieve or sustain erections, and that guys have just as much right as women to occasionally not be in the mood. But images of hyperdrive masculinity still exist in popular culture, and as long as guys take them to heart, they'll continue to freak out over the smallest malfunctions. Thus, The Penis Book is a comfort object, a small and easily concealable guide to how the penis works and why it occasionally doesn't, how men can effectively prevent impregnating their partners, and how to deal with the real problems that occur, including STDs. Allen & Unwin; 1997, ISBN: 1864483296 Buy This Book!

Hashmat, Aizid I., and Sakti Das (Ed), The Penis. This text/reference amasses an explosion of new research and clinical data on diseases of the penis. It begins with a review of embryologic aspects, and a comprehensive discussion of penile anatomy and physiology. Further coverage encompasses skin lesions, traumatic injury, reimplanation, erectile dysfunction, and neoplastic diseases. Closing chapters examine the controversial practices of circumcision and penile reconstruction. Amply illustrated with drawings, and photos (of which 60 are in color). Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or. Lea & Febiger; 1998, ISBN: 0812115082 Out of Print

Horwich, Alan (Ed), Testicular Cancer : Investigation and Management. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 1996 ISBN: 0412612100 $89.00 Out of Print

Javadpour, Nasser, (Ed) Principles and Management of Testicular Cancer. Out of Print

Jones, W.G. (Ed), Prostate Cancer and Testicular Cancer (Progress in Clinical and Biological Research V 357). Out of Print

Keuls, Eva, Reign of the Phallus: Sexual politics in ancient Athens, Univ of Ca, 1985

Monick, Eugege A., Phallos : Sacred Image of the Masculine (Studies in Jungian Psychology by Jungian Analysis, No 27) Through close examination of the physical, psychological and mythological aspects of phallos, the author differentiates masculinity from patriarchy and discovers a mysterious, divine reality coequal with the maternal principle as an originating force in the psyche. 30 illustrations. Inner City Books; ISBN: 0919123260 Buy This Book!

Mostofi F.K., Histological Typing of Testis Tumours (International Histological Classification of Tumours (Unnumbered). (Paperback) 1998, Special Order $74.00

Moun, Guy, Coyote's Big Penis and Other Stories. Never would one expect the stories of one man's erection be so thought provoking. I would recommend the book to all my students to read for the intellectual and philosophical aspects its has. The author has done a great job of turning the ordinary, evryday sphicter into an enormous source of pride for all men. Sweetlight Books; 1989, (Paperback) ISBN: 0960446257 Special Order: $6.00 + $1.85 special surcharge Buy This Book!

Paley, Maggie and Sergio Ruzzier(Illustrator), The Book of the Penis. Penis. Penis, penis, penis. Say the word penis often enough and not only will you no longer choke on it, but you may even be able to write a report about the male member that gets straight to the point. Novelist Paley (Bad Manners, 1985) is right: Once the subject becomes the male sexual organ, every phrase, every word, is a double entendre. Nevertheless, she plunges ahead (there it is again) with a book that explores physiology (size matters, at least as evidenced by the ruler and the fig leaf on the coverdesigned to lift and reveal Michelangelo's vision of David's penis), history, penis worship, and penises in art, literature, movies, and fashion. There are also stomach-churning reports on what men in various cultures (including our own) do or allow to be done to their genitals, ranging from circumcision and castration to piercings, inserts, and tattoos. A section called ``The Secret Life of Men'' reports on masturbation, entertainment, products (including, of course, Viagra), and an epilogue lists men famous for their size and/or skill, including presidents, movie and sports stars, and Gregor Rasputin. A series of ``Penis Interviews'' offers intimate and sometimes thoughtful observations from transsexuals, a porn star, and a male hustler. There are wonderful bits of esoteric erotica, including a description of the fashionable Japanese penis package, the ``Nippon Slip-on,'' and activist Eldridge Cleaver's failed effort to reintroduce the codpiece to American fashion. The author is often shadowed by a male friend, Enrique, who serves as a valuable truth versus baloney meter in evaluating the information she collects. Creative black-and-white illustrations serve as chapter headings. Spirited, filled with fact and some fancy, emphasizing the penis's power to drive male behavior but designed to make both women and men more comfortable with the dreaded wordand perhaps even the actualitypenis. Grove Press; ISBN: 0802136931 (Paperback - 2000) Buy This Book!

Parsons, Alexandra, Jennifer Black(Illustrator), Facts and Phalluses : A Collection of Bizarre and Intriguing Truths, Legends, and Measurements. Combining scintillating humor with incredible research, Alexandra Parsons has created a most unusual sourcebook for the nineties; a Veritable encyclopedia of scientific fact, colorful folklore, and enduring myths about the part of the anatomy inportant to the male of every species. St Martins Press, 1990 (Paperback) ISBN: 0312046707 Buy This Book!

Pavone-MacAluso, M. (Ed), Testicular Cancer and Other Tumors of the Genitourinary Tract (Ettore Majorana Intl Science Series Vol 18, Life Sciences) (Hardcover) Plenum Pubublishing, 1985, ISBN: 0306419068 $138.50

Ryan, George, Reclaiming Male Sexuality: A guide to potency, vitality and prowess. If you have been told impotence is "all in your mind," you owe yourself a second opinion. Generally the cause is physical and nearly all cases can be cured. This is the only book that helps the reader choose the treatment most appropriate to his case. This book is based on the latest research on conventional medical treatements, holistic treatments, nutritional and herbal remedies, and lifestle and attitude modifications. It brings these new cures into the open. Men who try to deny their impotence problems lose big, because cures are so readily available today. After reading this book, no one will feel dumb and helpless in the doctor's office. No man should have to give up sexual performance against his will, and this book gives every man hope and concrete solutions. M Evans & Co, 1997, ISBN 0-87131-809-1 Buy This Book!

Schroder, F.H., Renal, Bladder, Prostate and Testicular Cancer An Update (Hardcover) Due May 2001 $83.00

Shapiro,Eugene, Upright Man. Finally, a book that treats the penis with the respect it deserves. The Upright Man:  Knows who's in charge. Has thrown off the fig leaf. Has conquered the threat of impotence. Knows he can always get it up. Is conscious of the power of his penis. Is reshaping his attitude and what it means to be a man. Upright Man reconnects man to the power of his penis. Pir Press, 1999, ISBN 0-9677496-0-3 Buy This Book!

Stewart, Steve, Penis Puns, Jokes & One-Liners: A movie quote book. In the opening scene of Reservoir Dogs, director and actor Quentin Tarantino explains to Harvey Keitel and Eddie Bunker his theory about the son "Like a Virgin." He says, "It's a metaphor for big dicks...I'm talkin' dick, dick, dick, dick, dick, dick, dick." And so is everyone else these days - especially in the movies. I'm not sure why, but everyone seems to love putting down the penis, berating the boner, insulting the sausage, and well, you get the point. Boobs, butts and occasionally beavers are all put-down on a regular basis in the movies as well, but it's the penis that stands out from the crowd. And most of the barbs are about one thing - size. Of course, blow jobs, masturbation, erections, impotence and premature ejaculation are all part and parcel of penis repartee and dick discourse, but size - no big surprise - comes up for examination more often than any other phallic attribute or activity. Eveyone is talking about penises in the movices. But not everyone is saying anything you'd want to repeat or quote. This book attempts to be a collection of penis puns, jokes and one-liners that are humorous, stand on their own and are quotable. "A hard quote is good to find." Companion Press; 1997 ISBN: 188913807X (Paperback) Buy This Book!

Tumors of the male genital system

Watters, Greg, Stephen Carroll & Prem Rashid, Your Penis: A user's guide. The author's have written a simple guide on what problems can occur with, what many men consider their most precious asset, the penis. This book is designed to overcome much of the misinformation and urban legends that surround this delicate subject. As many men have difficulty discussing their health, this book has particular value in outlining the function of the penis and the nature and treatment of medical and psychological problems that can occur with the penis. They have written this book in an easy to follow question and answer format that will answer many of the questions you may have about this organ. Urology Publications, 2001, ISBN 983-808-150-7 Buy This Book!

Wyly, James, The Phallic Quest : Priapus and Masculine Inflation (Studies in Jungian Psychology). Priapus was a Greek god famous for the enormous size of his genitals. Here he is seen as an apt metaphor for the inflation of modern-day patriarchy - its grandiosity and search for more and more power. Literary studies and case examples. 30 illustrations. Inner City Books; 1989 ISBN: 0919123376 (Paperback) Buy This Book!

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